Sal Khan

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Khan Academy


Sal Khan is the founder of the Khan Academy, a nonprofit with the mission of providing free, world-class education to “anyone, anywhere.” Khan Academy has over 52 million registered users across 190 countries. A former hedge fund analyst with degrees from MIT and Harvard, Khan is also the author of The One World School House, which explores the potential impact of the web as a teaching tool. It may be one of the most influential books about education in our time.

Khan Academy started as a passion project. Khan’s cousin was struggling with math. He tutored her remotely and posted educational videos on YouTube. So many people watched the videos that eventually Khan pursued Khan Academy full time. Nearly 10 years later, today more than 52 million registered users access Khan Academy in dozens of languages across 190 countries.

Khan’s first book, The One World School House: Education Reimagined, was published to great acclaim in 2012. Innovators as varied as George Lucas and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Muhammed Yunus have hailed it as “a must-read.” Al Gore had this to say: “Since its founding in 2006, Sal Khan’s project—the Khan academy—has revolutionized our thinking on the potential and promise of unfettered, open-access online education… Khan presents his vision and blueprint for how online technology can, and should, play an integral role in educating communities across the globe, closing the opportunity gap and providing high-quality education for all.”

Khan is a former Teacher of the Year at Princeton Review, where he taught physics, biology, and chemistry to MCAT students. He has held a fellowship at MIT to research educational software. Khan has also been profiled by 60 Minutes, featured on the cover of Forbes, and recognized as one of TIME magazine’s “100 Most Influential People in the World.” He holds three degrees from MIT and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Today, Khan Academy’s free online learning resources cover preschool through early college education, including K–12 math, grammar, biology, chemistry, physics, economics, finance, history, and SAT prep. Khan Academy also provides teachers with tools and data so they can help their students develop the skills, habits, and mindsets they need to succeed in school and beyond.

And it’s all free, for everyone, forever.